Drive-In Pallet Racking

Over the years, there have been more dynamic storage systems warehouses use. However, drive-in racking still maintains its value when storing high-volume goods. It’s a pallet racking system that uses the first-in, last-out (FILO) order picking system. Drive-in racks allow the forklifts to drive into the system while lowering the number of aisles. Unlike other pallet racking systems, drive-in uses horizontal loading rails and frames to store pallets. If you are a warehouse manager, you should use a drive in racking system.

Great Reasons to Use Drive-in Pallet Racking

It Offers Product Protection

With drive-in racking, only a section of pallets is accessible from the front. The rest goes behind the system. This offers extra protection for the products as they aren’t much exposed to damage. The damages can arise from warehouse accidents or forklift collisions. Furthermore, this racking system offers the best storage solution for fragile goods that are risky to stack. On the other hand, it offers high density for the stacked pallets. This is possible because the runners distribute each pallet load, limiting weight damage from higher pallets to the lower ones.

It Offers High-Density Storage

A major benefit of drive-in pallet racking is that it allows for density storage. Apart from adding value, it maximises the warehouse storage space. Additionally, depending on your storage space needs, you can get customised drive-in pallets. This pallet rack system allows forklifts to drive in during loading and unloading. This eliminates the need to create aisles. So you can store more pallets.

It’s Compatible with The Standard Forklift

It’s vital to always invest in a pallet racking system that is compatible with the forklifts and other equipment in the warehouse. The pallet racking system is a significant investment. So it would be devastating to find out after installing the system that your forklifts aren’t compatible. You don’t have to worry about drive-in pallet racking, as they are compatible with most standard forklifts. Their design allows forklifts to drive in and retrieve goods as they would in front of a racking system. Other high-density racking systems require forklifts with extra reach to get goods deeper into the system.

They Are Perfect For Unconventional Areas

The drive-in racking system allows for maximum space utilisation in a storage facility. Regardless of what your space looks like or if other pallet racking won’t fit. Drive-in racking is most suitable for such places as you only need one access in front of the system. As a result, you get to maximise the storage capacity of an area that was once unusable.

It Has A Double Entry Configuration

With drive-in pallet racking, you can have back-to-back entry points to access the goods. This form of accessibility makes it the most useful pallet rack system for handling dispatch and delivery storage. In addition, you can easily store goods for daily runs to help with an organised and clean operation.

Its Low Maintenance

Drive-in racks are easy to maintain and assemble. You don’t have to spend much during assembly like the other racking system. Moreover, due to its high-density materials, its maintenance is practical and low.

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Before investing in a racking system for your warehouse, it’s crucial to always consult with an expert. They will survey your space and guide you on the best possible option. These benefits will help you make the right decision regarding the pallet racking system for your warehouse storage.