What makes a Lederhosen man wear an attractive outfit?


Agree or not, everything about Lederhosen men’s wear is super attractive. At first glance, it is hard to resist its earthy-toned colored, contrasting embroidered motifs paired with traditional German shoes.

However, it was very different from what we see today. There was no element of fashion or captivating design in it. What we wear today as Lederhosen is a much more upgraded and fashionable piece best suited for a manly look.

Let’s look at how a German Lederhosen outfit looked back in the days.

Analyzing a vintage Lederhosen men’s wear

A Lederhosen was known as working-class attire for men working in mountainous areas. It was common in Bavaria and Austria in the 19th century. However, today it is one of the men’s most popular fashion trends. The primary reason for its popularity is the upgradation process which has made it even more irresistible.

The following reasons make Lederhosen men’s wear a desirable ensemble today.

How does a German Lederhosen outfit make you look desirable?

A German Lederhosen outfit is visually appealing. It’s hard to resist its color range and trendy design. Nonetheless, it’s not only desirable due to its manly looks but also for its genuine fabric. 

A Lederhosen is made of different types of leather. Not only this but there are many other reasons which make it attractive.

We have listed some of the essential ones below.

  • Genuine suede leather

It might sound cliche, but the leather fabric is the best thing about a Lederhosen. One of the qualities of leather is that it instantly grabs the attention of everyone. It gives you a bold look and keeps you warm on chilly nights. Also, they are considered one-time purchase garments due to their high durability. It is usually made from cow skin, goat skin, and deer skin. 

Lederhosen is considered a rough and tough type of ensemble for men. It doesn’t require much care and can last longer than any other formal dress.

Moreover, it is not only worn at Oktoberfest. You can substitute it with formal wear too. For instance, if you wish to attend a Bavarian wedding, you can easily pair it with a waistcoat/vest instead of a trachten. A waistcoat is made of soft velvet fabric, and it has details with a contrasting color. It will give you an effortless traditional yet trendy look for weddings.

  • Classic embroidery

 At traditional weddings, hand-embroidered motifs embossed on trachten also look appealing. If you want to ditch a waistcoat at a party or event, an embroidered trachten will do the job for you. 

The classic embroidery can also be custom-made on pockets on your shorts to compliment it. Also, you can color contrast to make it even more visible.

  • Optimum fit

A perfectly fitted suit looks best on men. It makes him even more attractive and heroic. You might often find it difficult to find one, but a German Lederhosen outfit is perfectly tailored according to your size. 

It is recommended to buy a Lederhosen which is a bit tight but should be comfortable. Buy a tight outfit because leather garments are meant to be enlarged after a certain time. To wear it for years, you have to go one size closer. 

Also, the primary purpose of a German Lederhosen outfit is to provide you with a manly and masculine look. And for that, a tight dress is what you need.

  • Earthy color range

One of the essential aspects which makes Lederhosen menswear desirable is its color. It is rare to see men outfit in colors other than black, gray, and blue. The earthy-toned color shades give you an edge to sporting a completely different look. 

A Lederhosen has covered all shades of brown, from light brown to dark chocolate brown. The reason why you see Lederhosen in such bold colors is to remind you of its origin. 

Working men wore it, usually in the mountains, remains unchanged. To date, you can still see the traditional aspect of the German Lederhosen outfit. Moreover, you can pair it with bright-colored Bavarian checkered shirts and contrasting embroidery to give it a contemporary look.

The tailored alternatives are endless in Lederhosen. You can personalize it as per your theme or the nature of the event you wish to attend.

Because a Lederhosen is made of leather, you might consider it a pricey outfit. However, the reality might surprise you as you can easily buy it at a budgeted price.

Shop complete German Lederhosen outfit at a budget price

When it comes to budget shopping, you might think you have to compromise on the quality of it. But for Lederhosen men’s wear, you won’t.

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