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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet, and it’s no wonder. With a simple web browser, you can access millions of videos for free. But what are YouTube MP4 files? And why are they so important? In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about YouTube MP4 files. From how to use them to how to protect them, read on to learn everything you need to know about YouTube MP4 files.

What is YouTube MP4?

YouTube MP4 stands for “YouTube Multimedia Player.” YouTube MP is a discontinued video player that allowed users to watch videos on the website and play them in a more interactive way. It was replaced by the YouTube Gaming app.

What are the benefits of using YouTube MP4?

YouTube MP is a new video format that enables you to upload videos up to 8 minutes long and have them play on your YouTube channel without having to convert them first. This format is especially beneficial for users who want to create longer video content for their channels, as it allows for quicker uploads and less time spent converting footage. Additionally, YouTube MP enables you to improve video quality by encoding the audio and video separately into files, which can result in smoother playback on devices with lower bandwidth capacities. Finally, using YouTube MP can help you attract more viewers by making your videos more engaging and interesting.

How to convert a YouTube video to MP4?

If you want to convert a YouTube video for playback on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to use the free YouTube MP app. The app allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP4 files that can be played on your device.

To start, open the YouTube MP app and sign in if you haven’t already. You’ll then be presented with a list of your recent videos. Tap on the video you want to convert and select “Convert.”

On the Conversion Settings screen, you can choose what type of file to create: MP4 or M4V. If you’re converting a non-DVD or non-TV episode of a TV show, select “M4V” and specify the resolution of the resulting file (e.g., 1080p). If you’re converting a DVD or TV episode, select “MP4” and leave the resolution at its default (i.e., 1080p).

Next, specify how long the resulting file should be (in minutes), and hit “Convert.” The conversion process will take some time, so be patient! When it’s done, tap on the newly created MP4 file to open it in your favourite media player.


YouTube MP4 is a file type used by YouTube to store videos. It should be noted that not all videos on YouTube are stored in MP4 format. For the most part, MP4 files are small and very efficient in terms of storage space. Therefore, if you want to save a video for offline viewing or if you have limited bandwidth, downloading it as an MP4 is the best option. Additionally, some devices (including Apple products) automatically convert YouTube videos into MP4 when they are saved.

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