What is Affiliate Marketing A Complete Guide?

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate means connected or attached, this affiliate marketing refers to the method that is connected with a website the online retailer pays commission and charges to this website. And this website provides him traffic on its posts and products by promoting his page. This will help in growing his business, and the products of this retailer. This method of marketing is very common in this era, as you know everyone is on the internet. Everyone is doing seller purchasing on it. When someone wants to buy or sell any product or wants to buy anything they first visit online marts and have their desired thing.

This method of selling and purchasing is very beneficial, if you want to go shopping there is no need to go outside you can simply visit online shops, select your products, add them into a cart, and at last buy them, and your desired thing is delivered to you.

Affiliate marketing is a source of earning for many people, they use the website for selling their products, earning money, and living their livelihood. If you want to earn money and you have no money to invest, in this case, affiliate marketing is also beneficial for you. You can hunt the trending products on amazon or other online marts, and sell them and earn commission from both seller and buyer and earn money without investing anything this method of marketing is called drop shipping.

Drop shipping is also a source of living for people. This method is also a branch of affiliate marketing. There are many online marts and markets available online, these marts provide many facilities. You can also open your store on these marts by paying a short amount of money. These stores are seller accounts and people buy products from these stores this is also beneficial for both.

How to earn using affiliate marketing

You can earn money by affiliate marketing even without investing money. The affiliate marketer promotes products on websites by writing articles on them, writing about the use of a product, and also writing about its benefits on the websites. This marketer also pastes referral links on their articles, when someone visits and wants to buy that product, they buy them using that referral link. The online retailer gives a commission to the affiliate marketer. More people buy that product by using that marketer link the retailer pays more commission to him. This method of marketing is becoming very common. This online earning is better than other marketing. Your blogs and articles about any product will remain on the website this attractive blogs always remain life and attracts buyers. So, this method of marketing will yield in long term.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

You can easily get started by following the steps given below.

  1. First of all, you have to select the platform where you want to work.
  2. Secondly, you have to select the niche in which you are going to work.
  3. Then find affiliate programs that are offering facilities for affiliate marketing.
  4. Then select products that are trending in marketing.
  5. Write unique and good content about these products.
  6. Use your referral link generated by the affiliate program.
  7. Attract traffic to your post.
  8. Try to get clicks on your post.
  9. Then convert these clicks to sales.
  10. As more clicks, your post gets more you get paid by the program.

Best platforms

There are many platforms available online for affiliate marketing. These platform offer affiliate programs in very good ways. These platforms pay a good commission to marketers. This marketing is proved beneficial for both retailers and the marketer. Some of the best affiliate marketing platforms are given below.

  1. Amazon.
  2. Awing.
  3. Flipkart Affiliate.
  4. Reseller Club.
  5. Big Rock Affiliate.
  6. Click Bank.
  7. Optimize.
  8. Cue links


If you are thing about starting affiliate marketing then this article will help you a lot. The method to start affiliate marketing online without investing money in it. The method is very simple if you want to work seriously. This method of marketing is very beneficial and you can earn money on a very safe platform. I will recommend you amazon for affiliate marketing, as this is a worldwide platform form. This international platform has a great 

traffic on it. And many people prefer this platform because of its safety policies. If you are finding a place for affiliate marketing then this platform is best for you. Thanks for reading.



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