What Can You Expect from a Data Science Certification Course?

Data Science

Data science uses scientific methods to get worthy information from data to make decisions related to business. It consists of statistics, expertise in the domain, mathematics, as well as programming skills. There are various data science certification courses available online and also by institutions.

  • GOOGLE DATA ANALYTICS PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE- It is offered by Coursera that gives a guide on data analytics. The major areas covered under this course are data analyst tools, skills of a data analyst, thinking analytically, availability of job opportunities, data lifecycle, and steps in data analysis. It can go around for one to three or six months. Candidates also get membership in ‘big interview’ by Coursera for one year, which will help prepare for interviews.
  • DATA SCIENCE JOB GUARANTEE PROGRAM- Simplilearn offers it. The duration of this course is six months, along with the assurance of job placement. The cost for enrolling in this course is 1,98,004 rupees.
  • DATA SCIENCE AND ANALYTICS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM- The upGrad campus offers it. The duration of this course is six months with a cost of thirty thousand rupees. It will cover data science and machine learning, python, SQL, and problem-solving skills.
  • INTRODUCTION TO DATA SCIENCE SPECIALIZATION- It is available on Coursera and is offered by IBM. Under this course, the candidates will get to learn about concepts like statistics, relational databases, big data, and also tools of data scientists. Such as Jupyter notebooks, SQL, RStudio, and GitHub. The course will provide a certificate and badge to the candidate on completion.
  • PRACTICAL DATA SCIENCE SPECIALISATION- This course is by deeplearning.AI on Coursera. It is meant for those data scientists, analysts, and developers who are aware of the functioning of Python language programs and SQL. They also get to know about natural language understanding and natural language processing. The duration of the course varies from one to six months. And also three months with fees ranging from three thousand up to eleven thousand.
  • DATA ANALYTICS COURSE BY IMARTICUS LEARNING- Anyone can apply for this course if they are graduates or experienced experts but must have a scientific background. This course will ensure you in learning the skills that the main employees of data science use. You can also get guidance from those experts in the field along with examples of case studies. Once the course is completed, interviews are arranged with companies, and a proper placement procedure is followed.


Gaining a data science certification will determine the expertise in the field of data science. The demand for data scientists has increased in India over the past years. As per the report of Analytics India magazine, about ninety-three thousand jobs related to data science were empty till August 2020. Data scientists having experience of fewer than five years had seventy per cent vacancies. It is predicted that by the year 2026, around 20 million jobs will be there for data scientists. Fields like computer science, business, economics, and others also cover the aspect of data science.



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