Styling has never been limited to women. As important as it is for women, at the same level it is important for men. Everyone should look good when it comes to appearance. Some people think that hair treatment or other grooming services are only meant for women, but little do they know that men can also go for grooming services. There are many gents’ salons that provide skin and hair services to make you look presentable. It is very much important to make sure that you find the best hair salon, x hair lounge deira city centre offers a wide range of services and treatments that every man wishes to get. Their professionally-trained stylists and experts will give you the best look as per your style and comfort.

A well-reputed salon will provide you with all the services with the best products and advice. But it is important to make regular visits to take care of it. This is considered a part of self-care. Taking care of your hair, skin, nails etc is very much important. These salons will always give you expert advice to maintain yourself. These experts keep themselves updated about the latest trends and will make sure to leave you satisfied accordingly. Grooming should be done as you will feel confident about yourself.

Following are some of the points highlighting the services provided by the gent’s salon:

  • Hair- The gents’ salon will give you all the hair services whether a haircut or hair treatment or hair colour. Whether you want a short or long haircut, you can get a haircut accordingly. In case you are confuse, you can ask the expert to suggest as per your face. They have the right expertise in giving you the best cut which will suits you the best. Apart from a haircut, you can go for shampoo and conditioning, head massage, beard cutting etc. Also, you can get yourself a hair treatment like keratin if you have frizzy hair. If you like straight and smooth hair, keratin is just for you. For a whole change, you can also get your hair colour (ammonia or ammonia-free), highlights and beard colour too. When it comes to beard trimming, you can get some shaves and trims, shaping and styling. You can play around with cheek lines, moustaches, chin strips and much more.
  • Face- Apart from a clean shave, you can also go with facials which help in cleaning all the impurities. Not everyone knows that there are many facials for men as well. Factors like aging, dryness, UV rays’ exposure and other factors take a lot on your facial skin, especially the one which is expose. You can go with facial cleansing, facial masks etc. In facial cleansing, there will be two steps- exfoliation and extraction. Steam will be give to open the pores so that dirt, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads can be easily extract. Deep cleansing is done to remove the dead skin, debris, oil etc from the skin. The result will give you smooth skin leading to healthier and brighter-looking skin. A facial mask is do after facial cleansing to close the pores and relax the skin. A facial mask will help in reduces skin puffiness, glowing skin etc. Just make sure to choose the best one that assures to use the best-branded products for you.
  • Hair colour- If you have greys, getting them culour is the only option. You can get root touch-ups after a while depending upon your hair growth. Apart from that, you can go for global colour or highlights to change your whole look. You can discuss this with the expert that which colour will suit you the best. You can go with some dark tints, highlights, unique dyes, etc. Go with some creative colours if you love some uniqueness.
  • Hair treatment- Know that there are thousands of reasons that your hair might not be in a good state. To improve your hair, it is important to go with some hair treatments like keratin. This helps in improving your hair as this will improve the hair texture. You can also go to a hair spa which helps in improving frizzy hair. You should always share your hair concerns with your professionals and they will give you the best advice to improve your hair texture. You can contact deira city center salon as they provide the best hair treatment services accordingly.
  • Hand and feet- Apart from hair and skin, the gent salon also offers manicures and pedicures to make your hands and feet look clean. This is do by a nail architect who will file, trim and sharpen your nails. Also, they apply creams and masks to nourish your cuticles and nails. They are buff properly to give them a clean look. It is important to get them trimm right on time dependent on your nail growth. Manicures and pedicures are also important for men as it is for women. Taking care of hands and feet should be consider equally important as taking care of skin and hair.


So above are the services you can enjoy in gent’s salon. It is very much important to find the best salon near your place. Make sure to check the reviews online before choosing. One of the best hair salons in Dubai is ‘X hair lounge’. You can find their hair salon in Deira city center, midriff city center and city walk hair salon. You can contact them online and also know their services mentioned on their website. Also, you can know their prices.

Do compare the prices and then choose the right one for you. You can also book them for your kid for a haircut. In case of any query, you can call them on the provided number. Also, look for the packages to save a few bucks, if available. It is important that you need to have good communication with your barber. Also, trust them to get a personalized grooming journey.