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According to studies, writing improves mental health. Individuals find it a safe and confidential way to vent off bottled-up emotions. When we write, we become more self-aware and turn our attention inward. There is more awareness about behaviour, feelings, values, and motivations. Those who are not adept in writing can seek thesis writing help.

Writing has immense benefits and helps one to learn better and facilitates better thinking and communication. When we write daily, we get deeper insights into thoughts and beliefs. Writing is an old way and does not just help record memories but is suitable for mental health and other long-term benefits.

It reduces stress

Any amount of stress is damaging to physical, mental, and emotional health. Thankfully, writing is an excellent stress management tool and reduces the physical stressors’ impact on health. Experts have revealed that expressive writing for mere 15-20 minutes, three to four times over a span of four months, helps lower blood pressure and improves liver functionality. Pre-bedtime journalling can be used as a meditation habit for unwinding and destressing. You can use plagiarism checker tool for escape to duplicate content.

Improves immune function

Writing improves immune function and reduces the chances of illness, the symptoms related to asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, writing helps heal a wound faster, combats diseases and processes information quickly, improves eye-hand coordination, and develops motor skills. Dyslexia disease is caused due to disconnection between the auditory and language processor of the brain. Individuals suffering from it struggle to read but learning cursive writing can help them decode better, as their hand-eye coordination improves.

It leads to sharp memory and boosts mood

Writing helps in making the brain sharp. Regular journaling leads to comprehending things better, increases the capacity to grasp things better, and improves cognitive processing. The unique social and behavioural reason behind journalling is it acts as a mood booster and is responsible for overall emotional happiness and well-being. Deep and critical thinking is a must for students to think from many perspectives and form links between different ideas.

Greater focus and flow

Writing is an excellent way to establish self-focus and concentration and reduce anxiety. Individuals feel immersed entirely and absorbed in the process. Writing brings creative fulfilment and accomplishments. For more excellent care of mental well-being, one need not make massive life changes or personal efforts.  Resort to writing as it helps clear the mind and express feelings in a productive way. When we write about uplifting things, it encourages positivity and focus. Those who are involved in gratitude journalling are seen to have improved sleep, as it is an outlet to express thoughts and feelings better.

Better emotional functioning

Writing benefits the overall emotional health of a person and helps individuals connect better with themselves. There are many psychological and emotional benefits of journaling. It helps individuals connect with their inner desires and needs and leads to mindfulness and gaining new perspectives. Many can experience emotional catharsis, and the brain can regulate emotions better. One can experience a greater sense of confidence and self-identity. If there is any personal adversity, then it can be managed well.

Writing is a habit that develops with time and ensures the following:

  • Helps in being structured and adaptive
  • Unlocks the right-brained creativity
  • Integrated learning about themselves and others
  • Fosters complete growth

There are different types of writing in which individuals can be involved in:

  • Expressive writing

When people are asked to share their thoughts and feelings on a stressful event, writing helps in the emotional process in a therapeutic setting. Expressive writing helps enhance self-awareness, reducing depressive symptoms and anxious thoughts.

  • Reflective writing

It is used in a professional set-up and supports nurses, engineers, psychologists, and social workers to be more effective in learning. Individuals will be able to assess better and explicitly learn and develop themselves by being analytical of situations. People will learn from experiences and interactions and develop self-awareness. Reflective writing improves both professional and personal relationships.

  • Creative writings

When individuals are involved in creative writing, it helps improve their imagination and imagery. There are different forms of creative writing, like poems, short stories, novels, and novellas which helps in exploring thoughts, feelings, and different ideas and beliefs. Individuals will be able to choose their words and convey any message better.

Writing for self-awareness

Writing is a great way to improve self-awareness and is a critical component of good mental health. The writing can be on a stressful event at work or events related to the pandemic.

If students need support with writing homework, they can opt for, let’s say, help with law assignments online. But this is not the same as writing for self-awareness.

Journalling is effective in several ways and is good for physical, emotional, and mental health. There can be instances when students feel stuck and keep looking at the blank page. Even if you feel unmotivated, be consistent with writing to unleash the best in yourself. Start where you are, write a single line, and do not preoccupy yourself with any thoughts. There can be punctuation, grammar, or spelling-related errors. All these can be worked upon later.

Get yourself a dedicated space and time to write. Put aside the screen while writing and get started. Ending on a note by the famous writer Ernest Hemingway- “Write hard and clear about what hurts.”

Author Bio: Brian Gomes is a writer with a leading publishing firm in Australia.  He has been in the writing industry for the last 10 years and has self-published many books. He is also a part of MyAssignmenthelp.com and supports students who need online exam helpBrian loves to play football in his free time.


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