True Story Of Sibling Relationships In 'the Silent Twins'

The Silent Twins is a strange but true story about two inseparable twins. Even though it’s not an easy watch, it’s worth seeing. It will make you think about what it means to be close to someone. Also, how far you would go to protect the people you love.

The movie tells the tale of June and Jennifer Gibbons, identical twins raised in Wales. They did everything together and refused to speak with anyone else other than each other. The sisters even went so far as to pretend they were deaf when they weren’t around each other so no one could break them apart. They lived this way until they were 21 when a psychiatrist convinced them they needed help.

It’s A True Story

The Silent Twins is a documentary that tells the story of twins June and Jennifer Gibbons. The twins were inseparable, but they weren’t always this close.

The Films chronicles their childhood to adulthood, starting with their birth in 1961. The twins were adopted by a couple with three children and couldn’t have any biological offspring. The family lived together until they moved when the girls were five.

The first time the girls spoke publicly was when they were six years old at a school talent show. They were described as beautiful and talented by all who saw them perform that day. This made their parents proud of them and themselves for raising such talented young girls.

Unfortunately for June and Jennifer, their parents weren’t always supportive of them or their talents. Some would say that they did everything possible to discourage them from pursuing music because they thought it would be too difficult for them as women to make it in an industry dominated by men at the time (and still today).


The cast of the silent twins is an interesting one. Letitia Wright, who plays June Gibbons, was born in London and grew up in Guyana and Barbados. She has appeared in Black Panther, Black Mirror, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Tamara Lawrence, who plays Jennifer Gibbons, was born in South London and grew up there. She’s appeared on Law & Order: SVU.

Nadine Marshall, who plays Gloria Gibbons, was born in Jamaica but grew up in London, where she studied drama at school before pursuing a career as an actor. She has also appeared on The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II’s lady-in-waiting Lady Jane Kennedy-Lemmon alongside Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Treva Etienne played Aubrey Gibbons—a role she reprised from the 1987 film based on their story—and Michael Smiley played Tim Thomas—who just so happens to be the man who reunited them after years apart!

Finally, King Preis appeared as George Kennedy, and Declan Joyce played his son Wayne Kennedy.


I think it’s safe to say that most people have never heard of “The Silent Twins.” It’s a true story about two sisters and were inseparable from birth. Their parents were very strict and had no contact with anyone outside their family until they were 18.

The girls developed their language and kept it secret from everyone else. They would also use their language to communicate with each other when they were apart and write code on walls or mirrors. The girls also became obsessed with dressing alike, even though their parents forbid it.

In 1993, June committed suicide after being arrested for shoplifting food at a local supermarket. June was devastated and couldn’t understand why her sister would take her own life, so she stopped eating and died three days later from starvation.

This movie is powerful because it shows how children can develop their language, even if they don’t have friends or the freedom to go outside and play with other kids like some siblings might do when they grow up together!


It’s a strange but true story of sibling relationships in ‘The Silent Twins’ In the movie The Silent Twins, and two sisters are separated after one of them is diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

This film is based on a true story and examines what happens when siblings are separated by something as simple as illness. It’s an interesting exploration of how people can be connected even when they don’t see eye to eye and how difficult it can be to overcome conflict when you’re so used to being in sync with someone else.