The small city-state of Singapore has been called a playground for the wealthy, and it’s true that it does have a certain sheen of wealth. However, Singapore has more to offer than just upscale shopping centres, five-star hotels, and fine dining (although it’s worth treating yourself a little to those, if you can). In addition, there are many family-friendly attractions and beautiful public spaces that make discovering this slightly high tech city worthwhile. There are also a vibrant heritage and diverse ethnic neighbourhoods to discover. Singapore has a first-rate public transportation system that makes exploring the city simple and convenient. You won’t have any trouble hopping from one area of the city to another once you’ve developed a sense of the metro map. English is widely spoken, and signs are also written in English. Singapore is among Southeast Asia’s easiest and most comfortable countries to travel through. You’re in for a lovely stay as long as you’re not setting prices to neighbouring Thailand or Vietnam.

Giant Swing Sentosa

Even for a single day, living life on the edge is exciting. While feeling 100% alive, you get to observe the world from a new angle, both literally and symbolically. Some people just are unsure about where to begin.

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iFly Singapore

Skydiving with iFly Singapore is increasingly making its way onto most people’s bucket lists, yet most of us put it off until a later date owing to a lack of bravery, a fear of heights, or a lack of resources. We’ve come up with a way for you to cross skydiving off your bucket list, though. You can get a taste of the true experience without leaping out of a helicopter at iFly Singapore, Sentosa, one of the largest indoor skydiving facilities in the world. Once you enter the iFly Singapore Indoor Skydiving facility and sign up for the experience, you are then made to view a few video presentations that go over safety procedures, hand signals, and anything else you need to know before the experience of reaching to advance level.

Wild Wild Wet

In Pasir Ris, in eastern Singapore, there is a sizable water park called Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East. Its variety of rides and attractions appeals to both families with young children who are just getting their feet wet and adrenaline-fueled thrill seekers. The water park first opened in 2004 and has since undergone numerous renovations, the most recent of which was completed in October 2017. Visitors can spot rides with names like Ular-Lah and Shiok River at Wild Wild Wet because the company gives its attractions names with a regional flair. The water park offers three kid-friendly play areas in addition to eight thrilling rides. One of Singapore’s biggest water parks, Wild Wild Wet is located in Downtown East and offers a variety of rides for all skill levels, including the boy’s favourite, adrenaline-pumping rides. It debuted in 2004 and has since earned recognition as one of Asia’s top 10 water parks. Wild Wild Wet was updated with new adrenaline rides like the Royal Flush, Kraken Racers, and Torpedo following the expansion in 2017. With a total of 16 attractions, Wild Wild Wet offers thrill-seekers a completely new level of adrenaline rush.

River Wonders Singapore

A river-themed zoo and aquarium called River Wonders, formerly known as River Safari, can be found in Mandai, River Wonders Singapore , and is a part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. It is situated between its two counterparts, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, and spans 12 hectares (30 acres). The main attractions of this first of its kind in Asia are a river boat ride and the freshwater exhibits. The safari was constructed for S$160 million, with an annual visitor rate of 820,000 anticipated. On 29 November 2012, the Giant Panda Forest officially opened to the public. On 3 April 2013, there was a soft opening that drew close to 1,500 people. Along with the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, and Night Safari, which are all run by Mandai Wildlife Reserve, this attraction is the fourth zoo in Singapore. More than 1.1 million people have visited the River Wonders Singapore. 

Merlion Park

Merlion Park, which is situated at One Fullerton, is one of Singapore’s top tourist destinations because it is home to the Merlion statue, the city-tourism state’s symbol. The Merlion, a mythical being with a lion’s head and a fish’s body, symbolises the city’s modest beginnings as a fishing village. This famous statue, which spouts water from its mouth, is 28 feet tall and 70 tonnes in weight. A smaller Merlion statue called “Merlion cub” that stands 2 metres tall and weighed three tonnes is also located in the park. Although there are seven authorised Merlion statues in Singapore, the one in Merlion Park is the original piece. From a viewing platform, one can take in breath-taking views of the Merlion.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a resort area in Singapore that is a remarkable architectural and engineering achievement. At the time of its construction in 2010, this structure was the most expensive; today, it is one of the top Singapore tourist attractions. The Moshe Safdie-designed building is fascinating with its three sloping towers rising 200 m above the ground and being connected at the top by the SkyPark Hotel, which has the shape of a boat. The ArtScience Museum, a mall with a canal operating through it, restaurants, a theatre, a skating rink, a public observation deck, and an infinity pool are additional features of this integrated park. Even though only hotel guests have access to the infinity pool, anyone can use the observation desk. 

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a stunning man-made garden in the heart of Singapore that spans about 250 acres of reclaimed land close to Marina Bay Sands. This mechanical garden is a must-have in Singapore vacation packages because it is a symbol of Singapore tourism. It consists of the Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay South Garden, three distinct waterfront gardens. The largest of the three gardens, Bay South covers an area of 130 acres and features Supertrees as well as the best of tropical horticulture. The second-largest garden, Bay East, provides a breathtaking view of the Singapore skyline. The other two gardens will eventually be connected to Bay Central, a garden with a waterfront walk. In addition, the park has two conservatories, the Cloud Dome and the Forest Dome, which house a remarkable variety of flora, including species from arid deserts and tropical rainforests. A worthwhile light and sound show is presented daily beneath the Giant Supertrees. Although entry to the outer gardens is free for all, tickets for the Skywalk or the various conservatories are required.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer, a substantial Ferris wheel that doubles as an observation wheel, is situated in the centre of Marina Bay. The Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest observation wheel and the second-largest Ferris wheel in the world, standing 165 metres tall. It has 28 completely air-conditioned capsules that can each hold 25 people. The 30-minute ride provides a 360-degree view of Singapore, including the Merlion statue, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Sands, and other well-known landmarks. Although after sunset is the ideal time to ride the Singapore Flyer, tourists can also enjoy some incredible views by day.