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For Kids Drawing is a more refreshing summertime treat than ice cream is Drawing For Kids. It is adored by people of all ages, including kids and adults. Since ice cream comes in various colors and flavors, learning how to sketch one would be a great idea. You’ll have more opportunities to express your creativity with it.

This article will teach you how to draw ice cream rapidly. in  For Kids Drawing I’ve tried clearly describing each ice cream’s sketching ideas. Hopefully, the instructional sketching video from Drawing For Kids will simplify your task.

What Equipment I Have:

The pencil is the most important tool for artists. For this, I used 4B and 9B pencils. I used it to sketch the drawing before I added an outline.


  • Watercolor paint color is highly versatile. I decided on watercolor because I enjoy it personally. I used watercolor paint and markers to cover all the small details.


  • How well you can depict an artwork depends greatly on the quality of the paper. Due to the watercolor paint, I used 260 gsm watercolor paper. It does produce a smooth finish.


  • Using a compass, you can easily draw circles. They are quite helpful in producing perfect circles.
  • A good eraser is necessary to eliminate pencil marks before coloring. I used high-quality regular pencil erasers for this.

How to Draw Ice Cream Quickly (Step-by-Step)

It is surprisingly easy to draw ice cream, whether it’s a popsicle or a cone. Its variety and colors increase the appeal of the painting. Go ahead and enter the section you were looking forward to!

Drawing on a Popsicle

Eating and drawing are both delightful pastimes. This is one of the simpler variations. People are smitten with the common popsicle in the shape of a square. But before adding details, I’ll also start with a shape similar to that in a popsicle doodle. Therefore, let’s begin!


Sketch a vertical rectangle with your pencil. Such a challenge is not present with it. Make your ice cream to the desired size.


  • All the edges of the rectangle should be rounded. The rectangle will start to resemble a popsicle, as you can see.
  • Draw a semicircle in the upper right corner at this point. This shape was created so that when the ice cream was done, the corner would look to have been nibbled. It will have a half-moon appearance.
  • But by using a black marker or a fine-liner pen, the outline stands out. After that, clean off any pencil traces.


  • Continue now that you’ve provided some details. First, trace a closed-curve line across the center of the popsicle from left to right. The ice cream seems to be melting through this curve.
  • Make a few tiny circles on the upper side of the curve. These ellipses will act as sprinkles. Before finishing, draw a holder on the lower portion.


  • Without color, ice cream will appear lifeless. As a consequence, add some wonderful colors to it. The sprinkles are not decorated; it is a soft watercolor shade. I painted the holder a brownish color to make it appear natural.
  • But coloring is always a product of the artist’s imagination. So feel free to paint it whatever you like.

Draw a Basic Ice-Cream Cone

After popsicles, cone ice cream has historically been the most popular dessert. The cone, however, is my favorite. Cone drawing is also a straightforward procedure. By using the instructions listed below, you may draw it in a short amount of time!


  • To begin, lightly sketch the base of the cone with your pencil. Drawing is easy if you use a rectangle, and it will act as the holder.
  • Draw the conical rim of the cone over it. For a more realistic appearance, don’t forget to sketch the neck of the rim. Then, use curved lines to outline the first layer of ice cream.


  • Finish the cake with two more ice cream layers using the same curves. The coating will become thinner as it rises.


  • To finish the intense top, add two more thin layers on top with a bent head. The ice cream will seem to have just been taken out of the freezer.


  • However, add a little more complexity to the layers and cone portion. Finally, use a fine pen or marker to trace the ice cream. To make the surface look clean, use a decent eraser to eliminate all the pencil marks.
  • The color at this point. I used skin tones for the cone holder and pink watercolors for the layers of ice cream. You can always embark on a solo expedition!