Sheth Jeebun Promoted the Talent of Rural Women in India

Sheth Jeebun

The Indian women are very talented in their artisan techniques. They want to enhance their skills and earn money from their skills. But, in villages, they don’t have a platform to perform their skills.

India is facing a high level of poverty. Many people are not able to afford their basic needs. The artisan women want to support their families and work for a better lifestyle.

Sheth Jeebun helped these women and promoted their talent in the United Kingdom. So, the Indian artisan women are now selling their handmade products in the United Kingdom with the help of Sheth Jeebun, who provided them the opportunity to work.

Project in India for artisan woman

Apart from health care, sheth jeebun also worked for the women, giving them a chance to use their skills and earn money. Sheth jeebun said, “I am also involved in several international investment projects. In early 2022 we are starting a project in India in the Artisan Sector which would include working with 30,000 skilled, deprived women in the rural areas. The project aims to bring artisan products by underprivileged women in the rural areas of India to the UK market so that they may earn a living for themselves and free themselves from situations of financial difficulty. Equally, I am currently undertaking an investment project in Mauritius that aims to convert undeveloped land into housing, hotel, and shopping complex”.

Sheth jeebun said about the project, “This is a massive project that will cover villages across India. Traditional products made by Indian artisans have a big market in the UK and several other countries. We will ensure the project benefits the artisans as it allows them to stand on their feet.”

He also said that “Healthcare sector is my core strength and expertise, but I am also passionate about giving back to the community and helping those around us who are less fortunate. The India project is one of the several international investment projects I am involved in. I am also working on a real estate project in Mauritius where I am looking to set up housing, hotel, and shopping complex”.

So, his project for Indian artisan women is helping the rural area grow more and improve their lifestyles.

Products that are sold in the United Kingdom by artisan women

Artisan women are experts in making handicrafts. The most common type of things that are sold in the United Kingdom by Indian artisan women are:

  • Handmade carpets
  • Shawls
  • Embroidered dresses
  • Embroidered bedsheets
  • Cushion with a traditional style of embroidery
  • Handmade decoration pieces
  • Handmade traditional jewelry
  • Mats
  • Sculptures
  • Painting on traditional events

These are some standard products that artisan women design for international people and others.

Sheth Jeebun also supports them and encourages them to work hard to get success in their life.


Handmade products are famous worldwide. People love to buy them and use them in their life. These products are getting famous due to the help of Sheth Jeebun, who promoted the work of Indian artisan women and gave them fame and support to work more and get money.

The women from India are now supporting their families by working from home and using their excellent skills. These things are possible due to the help of Sheth Jeebun.

People from the United Kingdom can now get these products quickly from Indian artisan women. The rural women are now working hard, earning a good amount of money, and helping their families due to Sheth Jeebun.

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