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Here, we will evaluate two widely used EMR systems, Practice Velocity vs CoCentrix EMR. These systems’ benefits, features, and costs are outlined in great depth below. As such, let’s dive into this battle between two EMR platforms, which are new for some users: Practice Velocity vs CoCentrix EMR.

Practice Velocity:

In order to better serve urgent care clinics, Practice Velocity EMR has supplied them with electronic medical record (EMR) software, billing services, and installation guidance. It was first introduced twenty years ago, and since then, it has maintained a prominent place in the healthcare EMR/EHR market. The company’s product is designed for solo practitioners or modest clinics.

When it comes to EMRs, the experts at Practice Velocity have you served with their Velocity Doc EMR, which was made specifically with the requirements of an urgent care facility in mind. Due to the fact that it is hosted in the cloud, Practice Velocity EMR may be accessed from any device, anytime, and everywhere. Data entry typically involves pointing and clicking. Patients’ complaints are entered into the system, generating more questions, diagnoses, therapies, and clinical guidelines.

Numerous customers have attested that the practice management features of the Practice Velocity EMR are just as excellent as those relating to urgent care. Not only does Practice Velocity EMR handle billing and collections, but it also provides urgent care services.

CoCentrix EMR:

CoCentrixccp, developed by CoCENTRIX, is an organizational customer service platform for patient-centered, coordinated care centers. CoCentrix EMR is an ONC-ATCB, ICD-10, and DSM-5 compatible electronic medical record (EMR) that may be used either on-premises or in the cloud.

CoCentrix EMR comes along with care coordination, managed care, and technology products. The combination of these capabilities makes it possible for customers to manage services and finances across a wide range of providers and organizations while gaining access to comprehensive patient clinical data. In addition, you may take advantage of things like alerts, reminders, scheduling, invoicing and receivables, reports, analysis records management, and more. Patients can check appointment availability and book visits with doctors using CoCentrix EMR online scheduler and registration system.

CoCentrix EMR also includes CareTiles, a mobile application suite developed by CoCentrixccp that provides providers and patients with convenient mobile access to critical data. There are both one-time and recurring payment options available. Drug interaction checks and the ability to fill prescriptions online incur additional user fees.

Practice Velocity vs CoCentrix EMR Benefits:

Practice Velocity Benefits:

  • Practice Velocity’s PVM software streamlines the process of verifying a patient’s coverage at the time of registration. In addition to automating to-do lists and increasing revenue, it can facilitate bill splitting for patients with multiple insurance plans. Users agree that the price of Practice Velocity EMR is reasonable in light of the advantages it provides. The ability to process credit card payments quickly has greatly improved our ability to receive payments from patients who choose to pay independently.
  • The new webinar series from Practice Velocity is meant to familiarize customers with the EMR and EMR modules available in the software. Several Practice Velocity EMR reviews opine these training bundles as useful for beginners. Attendees of the webinar can expect to see live demonstrations of Chartlet, appointments, e-prescriptions, and future consultations from PV’s EMR system. Moving from paper to an EMR system isn’t without difficulties, but Practice Velocity EMR will assist in making it easier for your practice.
  • Keeping track of a patient’s demographic data, insurance details, and clinical notes is straightforward using Practice Velocity EMR. If providers and billers consult the most up-to-date coding guidelines before submitting claims, they may rest assured that their claims will be processed quickly and correctly.
  • Over the course of the last six years, Practice Velocity EMR has been singled out by KLAS Research as the best option for urgent care centers. Practice Velocity EMR for an urgent and suitable healthcare system was built by specialists in urgent care’s purpose and patients’ requirements rather than by general software engineers. The importance of an intuitive design for the Practice Velocity EMR has been stressed in several assessments. As a result, the features of this system would be geared toward the requirements of emergency medical services.

CoCentrix EMR Benefits:

  • Many highly-regarded solutions for improving healthcare administration are built within the CoCentrix EMR platform. The system’s practice management component helps you file insurance claims, handle staff information, and monitor financial activity.
  • The patient portal in CoCentrix EMR allows patients to access their medical records from any internet-connected device, such as a tablet or smartphone.
  • Patients can use this gateway to contact their doctors and request appointments. Patients can view their medical records, submit questions to doctors, and get prescriptions refilled, all from the convenience of their own homes.
  • A mobile application is a crucial component of any EMR/EHR system, and a user-friendly app confers additional advantages, as mentioned by numerous CoCentrix EMR reviews. CareTiles, a part of CoCentrixccp’s smartphone app suite, enhances this feature. This Health IT system is web-based, allowing doctors to access patient records from any computer with internet access. Providers and patients can now use their mobile devices to quickly and easily get the needed data.
  • Moreover, CoCentrix EMR provides medical billing services and helps medical practices collect payments owed to them, and a lot of CoCentrix EMR reviews appreciate this tool for its efficiency. As a result, it’s a great option for doctors who need assistance with their billing services. The system also provides management reports and analytics to aid in decision-making. CoCentrix also makes it simple to manage patient records.

Practice Velocity vs CoCentrix EMR Pricing:

Practice Velocity EMR Pricing:

Although Practice Velocity EMR prices are not published, pricing estimates are available from various sources. The vendor can provide precise and ballpark estimates for the best system bundles in your hospitals.

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If you’re interested in seeing how streamlined this system works, a Practice Velocity EMR demo is offered upon request. Do check out the Practice Velocity EMR demo if you’re thinking about making the switch.

CoCentrix EMR Pricing:

The free edition of Cocentrix EMR allows you to maintain records for up to 25 patients and 30 notes. The free version lacks several features in comparison to the paid one. All Cocentrix EMR Premium’s features may be yours for $49 per seat or $99 per seat for two or more users. Moreover, check out the CoCentrix EMR demo.