Mobile E-Commerce Apps: Why Are They Crucial For Retail Businesses?

mobile e-commerce app

Why does your e-commerce business require custom app development services?

The fever for online shopping is going higher around the globe.

These days, retailers must think more than just having a website to stay ahead of the game. 

According to Statista’s report, e-commerce app sales exceeded $360 billion in 2021. The figure will reach $710 billion by 2025.

Pretty impressive. Isn’t it?

Do you know that mobile e-commerce apps are one of the most searched apps in mobile stores?

The e-commerce mobile application is a crucial segment that every custom app development company wants to grasp.

The splashing availability of smartphones and the internet worldwide has led people to switch to their smartphones for shopping. Nowadays, online shopping seems convenient to people.

The e-commerce market will ascend to $55.6 Trillion by 2027. (IMARC Group)

So, when the e-commerce market is on its way to hitting trillions, it is evident that mobile e-commerce apps will grow in demand also.

Think this way.

You are running an e-commerce business.

Which are the potential avenue of your business to drive customers?

Word of mouth and a website?

Do you think they are sufficient?

Mobile e-commerce apps across Android and iOS app stores are the potential avenues to drive more customers to your retail stores and maximize profit.

Customized e-commerce apps serve as the single point where buyers get all the information about products/services and their updates.

Moreover, why would you lag when the global mobile application market is paddling fast to reach $407.31 billion by 2026 (Allied Market Research)?

What Kind Of Benefits Does E-Commerce Mobile Apps Deliver?

  • The number of smartphone users worldwide will grow to 3,201.4 million by 2022. (I-Verv)
  • Almost 77% of Americans compare product prices in stores using their smartphones. (PR News Wire)
  • E-commerce sales on smartphones will cross $432 billion in 2022. (Statista)

E-commerce business owners must embrace the truth these facts deliver.

An e-commerce business can never reach its full potential without the help of mobile e-commerce apps.

The analysis and detailed discussion of e-commerce mobile apps‘ benefits are crucial to understanding their dynamic effect on retail businesses.

So, let’s get started.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

You have established your e-commerce startup, of course, to make it visible among your targeted audience.

Brand recognition is the first step to growing a brand reputation.

Without the support of mobile apps, the connection between brands and customers is impossible. 

People spend around 4.7 hours a day on smartphones. (App Annie)

So, it seems your audience spends much time on their smartphones.

Wouldn’t it be effortless to connect your audience to your brand through custom mobile apps?

Fostering Brand Loyalty

Besides heightening the brand’s recognition among the audience, mobile apps also foster brand loyalty.

67% of online buyers leverage their smartphones to purchase desired items from their favorite brands. (Adobe)

Consequently, mobile e-commerce apps connect and strengthen the bond between online stores and their customers.

Engaging Customers 

  • E-commerce apps enable companies to showcase their product specifications better to engage their targeted customers one-on-one.
  • You can evaluate your customers’ purchase history to learn which of your products are in high demand.
  • Through ratings and reviews, buyers can offer free and honest product feedback. Comp[anies can work on the feedback to promote a long-term and loyal customer relationship.
  • Additionally, you can offer your targeted customers special offers, discounts, coupons, Etc., in exchange for installing your e-commerce app.
  • It will lock their attention to your app for sure.


Every consumer these days wish for a personalized experience.

  • For instance, you can personalize your e-commerce website according to customer interest, order history, or purchasing tendencies.
  • Observe your targeted customers’ browsing habits.
  • You can also send a couple of push notifications depending on your audience preferences.

 Almost 21% of users leave a mobile app after using it once. (Upland Software)

Your e-commerce app will never fall into this group if you offer a personalized experience to your users.

Customer Loyalty For Guarantee

  • A customized, feature-rich, and user-friendly mobile app always help companies to boost their customers’ loyalty.
  • Custom app development involves deep market and customer preference analysis before delving into app design and development.
  • Consequently, the custom e-commerce app you build will cater to your targeted audience’s requirements, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Better Business Efficiency Leading to Greater Revenue

  • Mobile apps make retail businesses accessible to customers at any place, anytime.
  • This kind of flexibility and user-friendliness boost e-commerce business efficiencies. As a result, people would like to buy through the e-commerce app frequently.
  • Cutting-edge e-commerce mobile apps with high functionality attract more customers and sales, leading to more significant revenue.

Parting words

To conclude, mobile e-commerce apps are the most efficient medium to boost sales and revenue and grow your business.

Considering the mobile apps’ growth popularity, it is the best time to partner with the best custom app development company to build your app.

If you have an in-house app development team, you can consider tying up with a DevOps services company to accelerate your mobile app development process.

Best of luck with your e-commerce app development endeavours.

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