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Sometimes even for us grown-ups, the winters can be a troublesome season, and we can fall sick due to the cold weather. So, imagine a baby who has just come out of the warm and snug environment of the mother’s womb and is experiencing its first winters – how difficult it might be on them! Thus, for the first winters, accessories like a warm baby blanket, temperature control in the baby’s room, appropriate food in case they are already on solid food etc., are very important. In this article by SuperBottoms, we will discuss tips to keep your baby safe from cough and cold during the winter season! 

Tips On Keeping Babies Safe From Cold Winters

  1. Warm Baby Blankets For Newborns – A warm and cozy blanket for baby is one of the essential things you need to buy for your baby. There are a variety of baby blankets you would get in the market, but ensure that you get the best quality cotton baby blankets and avoid anything that has synthetic material or decorative material that can irritate your baby or become a choking hazard for the baby.  
  2. Keeping Away From Sick People – At the newborn stage, babies are still developing their immunity and are prone to catching infections. If anyone in the family is suffering from a cough or cold, ask them to stay away from the baby till they completely recover from the infection. This will prevent the infection from passing on to your baby. 
  3. Skin To Skin Touch – For newborn babies who have lesser body weight, gaining weight and keeping themselves warm during the winter can be a challenge. Kangaroo care or skin-to-skin touch is a great way to keep babies warm in such situations. For example, get inside a blanket and place your baby on your chest, or wrap them using a baby wrap while you are walking or working. 
  4. Maintain Proper Hygiene – Even if you do not have a cold or are showing symptoms of an infection, grown-ups can be the carrier of infection. Thus, before feeding your baby, please ensure your hands are properly washed or sanitized with a good quality alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
  5. The Toys & Pacifier – At around four to seven months of age, your baby will start teething and put almost everything they can hold into their mouth. Unfortunately, this can also carry infections and make them fall sick. Make cleaning their toys a daily chore and wash their pacifier multiple times daily to ensure their safety.  
  6. Vaccinations – Talk to your baby’s pediatrician and see if your baby needs flu shots or any additional vaccination that can safeguard them against the flu, catching a cold or having a bout of cough. 
  7. Maintain Indoors Temperature – If your living conditions or the city temperature is such that it gets freezing cold indoors, there is a chance your baby can catch cold due to the dropping temperature. Room heaters or temperature-controlled air conditioners can help you in such situations. 

As a new parent, you must be mindful of protecting your baby from falling sick. You will also need to keep an eye out for symptoms of any illness so that you can start the treatment in time. 

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