Internet Light on My Netgear Router is Off. Help Me Fix It!

Internet Light Netgear Router

Each LED light on the Netgear router indicates something. The power LED shows the availability of electricity. The WPS light indicates whether the Netgear router connected to Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The router also features an Internet LED, which indicates the status of your internet connection. It lit up green if you have access to an extremely fast internet connection. If it’s blinking red, or not glowing at all then you should investigate the issue.

This post will show you how to fix an offending Netgear Internet LED. Let’s get started.

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Fixed: Internet Light is Off on Netgear Router

Reboot Your Netgear Router

Many times, the LED light does not turn on due to the Netgear WiFi router affected by technical glitches. The rebooting process helps to resolve technical issues. Rebooting your device is simply the act of giving it some rest.

These guidelines will help you to reboot your Netgear router.

  • Power Off: Turn off your Netgear router using the Power button.
  • Unplug
  • Give your Netgear WiFi router a rest.
  • Replug: Plug your wireless router into the wall socket.
  • Power on: Click the Power button to move to the ON position.

Check if the problem resolved by rebooting your Netgear router. If there is still no activity on your Internet light or you might are facing Netgear router orange light issue, you can try the next hack.

Connect WiFi Devices Correctly

There is a good chance that your Netgear router’s Internet LED is not working due to an insecure connection between the modem and router. The solution lies in the problem. What connection source did you use to connect your WiFi devices? Is it a wireless source? If you voted for a wireless source, make sure to inspect the Ethernet cable that you used to connect your WiFi devices. It’s time to say goodbye to the Ethernet cable that was damaged and get a new one.

If you’re using a wireless source, make sure your WiFi devices not placed too close. You might be wondering why. It could cause a clash in their WiFi signals, dragging you to a bigger problem.

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Modify the Router’s Position

Where did you put your Netgear router after the set process? A table? Inside a cabinet? Or, in the corner? All of these places are bad because they can lead to other issues. If your Netgear router found in any of these places, it must be moved. Keep your Netgear router away from these items:

  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Tracking Devices
  • Reflexive surfaces
  • Objects With Water
  • Thick Obstructions
  • Avoid overheating

The Internet LED might be off because of the overheating problem with the Netgear router. You must prevent your router from overheating. These are the steps to take:

  • When your Netgear router is not in use, turn it off.
  • Dust off any dirt that has accumulated on your Netgear router’s surface.
  • Make sure your Netgear router is in a well-ventilated area. But, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot to get a USB fan that will prevent your router from overheating.
  • Reset Router

Resetting your Netgear router is the last resort if nothing else seems to work. This will ensure to solve your problem. It will wipe all your personal settings from the router.

Locate the Reset button on the Netgear router, and press it. Your router restored to factory default within a few minutes. You can now access the web address to set up your wireless device.

You will be able to change the status of the Internet LED from OFF to ON by following the mentioned hacks.

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