How do I set up repeater mode TP-Link TLWA901Nd?

TP-Link TLWA901Nd

Use the TP-Link TLWA901Nd Repeater Mode configuration to extend the current wifi network beyond the area of coverage or weak signals coverage.

TP-Link TLWA901Nd Repeater Mode Configuration

The TP-Link TLWA901ND WiFi router is 450Mbps. An access point that has fast physical ports for Ethernet. It’s the perfect wifi router for home use that supports multiple wireless modes including Access Point, Range Extender mode as well as Client and Bridge mode, and Bridge mode. It is possible to create multiple WiFi names on one router to secure your primary wifi name, and to avoid sharing your password with visitors and guests. The TL-WA901N PoE enabled access point that uses only a single 10/100 Ethernet active PoE port for power on.

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This post will guide you through the process of setup the TP-Link TLWA901Nd device to function as an extender mode in order to increase the WiFi signal to the low range and weak WiFi signal zone. To set up TP-link Access Point in repeater mode, you must connect the physical connection to the computer to connect to the internet interface.

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Setup Range Extender mode on TP-Link WA901ND AP

Connect to the web interface of the TPLink WiFi connection point to set it up in repeater mode.

TP Link TL-901ND using the power adapter included in the box of the device to turn it on.

the LAN cable to AP to the LAN port on your PC/Desktop.

TP-link’s TL-WA901 Device’s Default IPis and the default username/password is admin/admin.

Configure the LAN port of your LAPTOP/PC to IP to connect to TPlink Access Point.

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Login TP-link TL-WA901ND V5 Wireless N Access Point

Open the Web browser and connect to the default IP

Use the default username and password to set up your login.

Click on Quick Setup from the left side menu and then click on Next to open the wizard for setup.

Change the wireless mode for Range Extension Mode

  • Choose your Repeater (range extender) to extend existing wireless coverage.
  • Click Next to search for the main WiFi network’s name.
  • Select the Repeater option and then select universal repeater.
  • Click the Survey button in order to look up the wireless network’s name.
  • There are all the active WiFi names in close proximity.
  • Find your host’s name in the list and then click the connect button to join the network.
  • Be prepared with your main router’s password for wifi for connection to an extender device.

The repeater filled with Wireless names and the Mac address of the Root AP when pressing connects button.


2 Wireless password type the password of the primary wifi router.

Click Next to save settings, and then proceed with the next steps.

Change Range Extender IP Address

Most routers have the same default IP address therefore if you using multiple wifi routers with a different IP address, the network IP address needs to altered prior to joining the network.

Network settings

Type: Static IP

IP address: (change the IP address you’d like to use to connect to the repeater device)

DHCP Server DHCP server must disabled in Repeater mode, so maintain it in disable mode.

Next, click the button to close the repeater configuration wizards.

Review the information on the final page to complete the set-up.

Press the End button in order to exit the wizard for configuration and AP will rebooted.

Keep waiting until the Repeater device is rebooted and it’s connected to the tp link range extender to expand the Wi-Fi coverage of your existing.

Visit The Wifi network and you will see an increase in the wifi signal coming on the router that is a repeater.

Repeater Placement

Find the central point for repeater devices that can function efficiently to extend the network without affecting speeds on the internet. Select a location from the host’s router and repeater that has a minimum of 40% signal strength. If there is no coverage, you are not required through extender networks.

Don’t put the repeater in any cupboard, table, or inbox.

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