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The Ficus Lyrata, also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is featured on the covers and in images of numerous design journals. Its tall stature and large, graceful leaves add drama and height and unify entire rooms. Despite where you’ve seen Fiddle Leaf Figs in the plant nursery, some individuals don’t realise that they need to be placed just in front of a window. Fiddle leaf fig care can be challenging until the plant adjusts to your environment and until you figure out when to water them. Continue reading to discover how to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive and healthy for many years.


Place light Fiddle Leaf Figs in front of a window that gets direct morning or afternoon light. You want a window primarily unobstructed on the eastern, western, or southern sides; you don’t want nearby trees or structures to shade the window. If your Fiddle Leaf is positioned at a north-facing exposure, right in front of the window can also work if there is extra space and nothing is blocking your view of the sky. If you wish to position your tree before a southern exposure, you need to gradually adapt it to spending several hours in direct sunshine. If you do this too quickly, the leaves of your tree may burn and develop brown scorch marks. Over the course of 1 to 2 weeks, gradually increase the amount of time it spends in front of a southern window.

The amount of light your Fiddle Leaf Fig needs to thrive depends in part on its size. The amount of light a plant needs will increase with its size. For instance, a window would need to be much taller to accommodate a 7′ tall tree than it would a 4′ tall tree.


Fiddle Leaf Figs need to be thoroughly watered about once a week to match their love of natural light. You should modify the amount of watering based on the size of the plant and, consequently, the size of the roots. As a general rule, water the plant thoroughly only after the top 2 to 3 inches of soil have dried up. This entails watering it till water drips out the bottom if it’s in a planter with a drainage hole. However, avoid letting the drip tray filled up with water for too long because root rot can readily develop in this situation. Remember to water the plant slowly and in a circular motion around it, making sure to wet all of the soil. Water will then reach all of the roots rather than just some.

It has been discovered that there are particular seasons of the year when plants are significantly more thirsty than usual. The water measuring tool changes colour from blue to white when the soil is sufficiently dry to prevent overwatering from occurring after it has become saturated with water.


Like most other plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs care needs routine maintenance. One crucial maintenance procedure for your fiddle leaf coincidentally involves its leaves, which are also its most noticeable feature. Tremendous responsibility—in the shape of routine dusting—comes with great leaves. Fiddle Leaf Figs require frequent dusting due to the size of their leaves. As dust builds up on plant leaves, dust particles interfere with the plant’s ability to absorb sunlight and carry out photosynthesis. Given how much Fiddle Leaf Figs adore light, giving your frequent plant dusting will go a long way toward keeping it healthy.

Rotating your plant monthly or biweekly is a good idea in addition to dusting the leaves. By rotating your plant, you will ensure that it receives an equal distribution of light, preventing one side from growing much faster than the other and resulting in a solid, symmetrical Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Ending Lines

Fiddle Leaf Figs care requires some considerations, like placing in front of windows since they require a lot of natural light. Once a week, thoroughly water the soil, allowing the top few inches to dry out before watering again.