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An average person can lose 708 calories per hour while boxing which is why we see female celebrities donning a pair of beautiful boxing gloves now and then in the practice rings. Boxing is an amazing way of maintaining your health and staying in shape, but if you’re looking to get proper training and step into the world of combat sports as a female, the right gear is the most important factor. 

Before stepping into the ring for either your training sessions or tournament preparations, the safety of your hands and knuckles should be ensured properly. The gloves do a perfect job in this regards. This blog will take you through the ideas for female boxing gloves and how you can choose the right gloves for yourself. 

Are Female Boxing Gloves Any Different From Men’sMen’s?

With one exception, there is no significant distinction between gloves designed for men and women. Because women’s hands are typically narrower, they need smaller hand spaces. 

Irrespective of the type of glove or whether it is for a woman or man, the most crucial aspect is that it is well-padded and offers the best damage protection. Fit and functionality are crucial factors in everything you wear and use in boxing. 

You should prioritize a glove that feels comfortable for you because hand shapes and sizes differ greatly. It should adequately conform to the size and shape of your fist without being overly small or large.

Select The Perfect Fit For Your Boxing Gloves

If you’re a beginner-level athlete looking for the ultimate size and shape for female boxing gloves, it is important to look out for certain factors before buying a pair. Let’sLet’s take a look at these aspects.

 The most important factor to keep in mind is that your boxing equipment should slip on your wrists effortlessly. There shouldn’t be any strain on your knuckles, and they should feel comfortable and not stiff. 

They must be adaptable enough for your hands to easily grab and hold the opponent’s weak points. Your hands shouldn’t feel trapped or twisted in the gloves. Another important aspect is that the gloves should be pre-curved to adapt to the shape of your hands.

An easy sign for spotting great boxing gear is that you should be able to punch through the gloves without feeling the blow in your hand when there is sufficient padding. The covering should offer more comfort and protection.

You should look for gloves with a breathable wrist so the sweat can dry out quickly during the practice or fighting sessions. It will help your gloves to last for a very long time. 

Lastly, selecting the appropriate weight for the gloves is very important. A lighter glove is best for quick training sessions, while a heavier glove is appropriate for punching bags and offers more protection. 

As a female, you should generally go for the small-sized gloves for a better fit around the hands and wrists. This is also the major difference between the male and female gloves. 

The Correct Weight For Female Boxing Equipment

If you are just starting as a boxer, it is crucial to figure out what weight you’ll need in the gloves. There is no difference between the male and female boxing gear regarding the weight. 

These gloves are available in various sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences for fitting, your targets, and how you intend to utilize the gloves, but experts advise starting with a 16-ounce gear.  

They are padded sufficiently to offer the best hand safety and are heavy enough to provide stable support for extra strength and cardiovascular fitness.

For the practice sessions or workouts, professionals suggest you use a 12 or 14-ounce glove. However, the 16-ounce gear is still preferred and more popular among athletes all across the globe. But why does everyone prefer heavier equipment?

The reason is that when you box or train with thick boxing gloves, the extra covering makes it challenging to give strong blows. This brings resilience to the athletes and is super beneficial for beginners. 

But when you get to the level of proficiency, you can switch to a lighter glove. A 10-ounce glove is preferred by those with more skills and excellent execution. 

A lighter glove provides for better grip and faster training, increasing the force on the fists.

Cost Of The Female Boxing Gloves

Contrary to popular belief, buying an expensive glove will not always ensure durability and comfort. Everything boils down to the fitting, the touch, and the personal taste. You might buy $150 equipment, which could be far worse than $50 boxing gear. 

Professionals suggest you invest at least a hundred dollars for your first-time gloves for optimal performance. It will be worth the cost, and you will not have to worry about buying a new one after every few practice sessions.

It is difficult to find brands that sell customized boxing gloves for women, especially at an affordable price. Infinitude Fight is your one-stop shop for durability and cost-effective quality gear.

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