Facts about Google sheets

google sheets

Facts about Google sheets


Google sheets are introduce on 9 March 2006 and are used to maintain, organize, and save documents in a most discipline and organize way. This is a very efficient and very convenient file organizing software. this is also available in the software as well as in the application form. this is an online spreadsheet app that is very easy to use and also very easy to share and update. also It has many features that make it a more powerful application. And also used by a multi-user. You can organize a sheet and share it with other users; you can also allow them to make changes by giving them editor access. This method of giving editor access to these users is also very easy the entire useful feature is clearly defined and mention there in a much-clear way. You can also give the viewer access to the viewers or customers.

If you are an employee or a worker and you have to maintain records manually then this application is special for you. you can create an unlimited number of records in a very clear and detailed format, and you can also work with other people by sharing it with others. and you can also add other people by giving them access as a viewer or as an editor. There are many exciting features like you can directly convert it into other files like excel, and zipped Forms. and also convert it into pdf files without using any other application, software, or website for converting purposes. The most amazing feature or fact about Google sheets is that is a free application. everyone is being able to access and use it without paying money. So, this is a perfect application for office work and other work which involves record maintenance.

Uses of Google sheets

Google sheets have many amazing facts that are related to its uses. You can do many things with the use of Google sheets. The people who have deep knowledge about Google sheets have used this application for many purposes. This application is also very useful for students who are researching different topics and on different projects, they have to maintain records of their research and their conclusions about their research.

Freelancers also use this application for dealing with their clients and to represent the services they are providing to their clients. Some people use this application for their personal uses like maintaining their records like monthly income and monthly expenditure. And it is also used in shops and marts for keeping records of the prices of their products and retail prices. This application provides different features for different people because of their uses. So, very can ask that this is a multipurpose spreadsheet.

Amazing features Google sheets

There are many amazing features available, but the most amazing feature of Google sheets is that it is very convenient to use and very easy to share. It is a multi-user application many people are allow the same time to use this application. They can edit this sheet to add new records or delete existing records. The access is allotte by the owner of the sheet, only the owner has the right and authority to give access as an editor or access as a viewer of the sheet. The person who has creator access can edit the sheet and add new data to the sheet. and the person who has only viewer access then the user can only visit and view the content available in the spreadsheet.


Google sheets is a very amazing online spreadsheet, if you want to maintain a record or you want to keep information online. and you also want to share this sheet with your client then this spreadsheet is perfect for you. You can use this application for multipurpose and you also give access to the multiuser. you can also give it access to the other users so that they also access your sheet on their devices online and also make changes to it. It has also another feature, if you want to get access to other’s sheets you also get access by requesting them access by sending the request on their Gmail. If he allows you then you can get access and use this sheet with limited authority. Thanks for reading….




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