Drinking and Addiction

There is a significant difference between Drinking and Addiction  “sober” and being in “recovery”. The distinctions are evident for those who have been through both phases of their recovery process of recovering from alcoholism.

If an alcoholic is “sober” from drinking alcohol but is not enrolled in a mutual-help program or therapy, medication management or treatment, they are “white-knuckling” their sobriety (also known as”dry drunk “dry drunk”). They may be keeping clear of alcohol, but they’re not dealing with the root issues that been the cause of their drinking at all or worsened when their alcoholism grew. 

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A lot of “sober” alcoholics who are not yet in “recovery” will experience a shift in addictions that may lead to an addiction to food and sex, rehab centers near me shopping romantic relationships or other relationships. since they’ve not found an appropriate solution to fill the void that alcohol has filled. They might have stopped alcohol consumption, however their lifestyle might be similar and they may be in awe of those who are drinking, or be afflicted by mental or emotional health problems.

Sarah Allen Benton, M.S., LMHC, LPC is the proprietor Benton Behavioral Health Consulting, LLC. Benton Behavioral Health Consulting, LLC (link is external) which provides treatments, intervention as well as presentations and business consulting. The company also serves as The director of clinical services for AWARE Recovery Care (link is external) Home-based addiction therapy in CT and clinical consultant at The Strathmore House (link is external) Transitional sober living located in Boston, MA, a Therapist at Insight Counseling (link is external) located in Ridgefield, CT specializing in outpatient addiction therapy.

Alcohol from their lives and achieve peace of mind

An alcoholic recovering or in “recovery” is generally in the process of remission from alcoholism. The alcoholism they suffer from isn’t completely gone but it is controlled by allowing the person to get rid of the cravings, mental apathy and have dealt with their root issues (mental health drug rehab west Virginia physical, spiritual) that caused or triggered the drinking. Alcoholics have discovered an answer to the empty space left by alcohol by utilizing spiritual, emotional, or behavior-based solutions they’ve discovered through therapy, treatment and medication management as well as group-based mutual aid (A.A. and The SMART Recovery). They have made significant adjustments which have helped them achieve peace by removing the alcohol from their lives and achieve peace of mind.

Certain people with problems with their drinking are able to quit drinking easily and completely without feeling deprived or obsessed about drinking. They might not be an alcoholic at all in the first place however, they are instead drinking heavily or are problem drinkers (see my previous blog post on the differences between social drinkers, alcohol users, and problem drinkers). On the other hand, alcoholics might be able to abstain for a period of duration without assistance however, they will eventually go back to their old drinking habits.

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