When you want to purchase a house and need a loan for it, your credit score is extremely significant. Your credit score displays your creditworthiness and could decide whether you should be granted a loan. If you have a good credit score, you can purchase your dream house affordably and easily. Moreover, you also qualify for a low-interest rate on your mortgage, depending on your credit score. 

What determines a good credit score? 

Your credit score is determined based on the credit behaviour reflected in the accounts and enquiries section. The score can range anywhere between 300 to 900. A good score is signified by any CIBIL or credit score above 700. But to know whether you have a good credit score, you would have to do a CIBIL score login and check your score and CIBIL report. You can also check your credit score free through the CIBIL score app

Required credit score for purchasing a house 

To become eligible for a home loan to purchase your dream house through the credit score means that the score has to be either 750 or more. But, if your score is 700, you would still be considered for the loan sincWhat e most lenders would find it satisfactory. But the actual score depends on the lender. If you have a high credit score checked through CIBIL score online, the higher your score is, the smoother your loan terms are and the quicker your loan approval. In this case, it is always good to ensure a high credit score. 

Across many lenders, you would still be able to get a home loan with a minimum CIBIL score. But you must have a good score to have a higher chance of getting a home loan. If you have a low credit score, then you have a risk of taking the loan, and lenders also change the loan offers depending on your score. For instance, if you have a credit score of approximately 600, you would have to settle for a low loan amount, which could be only around 40% of the value of your asset. 

Overall, there exists a high benefit of having a good CIBIL score when getting a home loan. A good credit score would provide you with the minimum rate of interest with your loan, along with providing you with the power of negotiation. You can also benefit from having your loan processed quickly and getting a high amount of loan sanctioned. 

How to check your credit score

Your credit score can be checked for free in various ways. You can also check your score for free once a year from the official website of CIBIL. Furthermore, a CIBIL score app is available on the play store for you to check your CIBIL score. You can check your credit score on free websites by first having a CIBIL score login or creating an account. Once the account is made, you can fill in your required details, verify and submit them. When it is submitted, your CIBIL score is reflected on the screen. 

Improving your credit score 

There are many ways to improve your credit score. One of these ways is to make timely payments on any EMIs. If you delay your payments, you will not only have to pay the penalty fee but also have a reduced credit score. To improve your credit score, you must constantly maintain your other credit cards and increase your credit history. You could further customize your credit limit since your credit utilization ratio affects your credit score. 


You would need a good credit score to qualify for a home loan. The higher your credit score is, the better it will be. Moreover, to ensure a high credit score, you need to check your credit score through the CIBIL score login or the CIBIL score app and assess your credit report. This would ascertain that you can take appropriate measures to increase your credit score.