What can you do about Xfinity router blinking orange? This post will help you to understand the problem. MiniTool Parition Wizard outlines possible causes and the available solutions.

The Xfinity router blinking-orange issue can be caused by many factors. These are the most frequent.

  • Outage or scheduled maintenance
  • Cables that aren’t working or connections that aren’t secure
  • Splitter damage
  • Buggy/outdated firmware
  • Heating problems (lack heat dissipation).
  • Modem overloading

These are the reasons to check for cable/connection or splitter damage. If your Xfinity router is still blinking orange, but you are not getting an Internet error, please follow the steps in this post.

Common Xfinity Modem Light Meanings

This section summarizes the meanings of common Xfinity router/modem lights.

  • A bright white light that does not blind or a purple light that is illuminating: This indicates that your device is functioning smoothly.
  • A blinking white light, or a light that flashes with a purple hue is This means that your product needs to be activated fully.
  • A solid red light indicates that you don’t have an Internet connection.
  • Blue flashing lights: Your product seeks a connection to another wireless product.
  • Yellow/orange light: Your device takes a long time to reach the Internet.
  • The green light means that the connection has not experienced connectivity problems and is stable. The light blinking indicates that the connection may be a little rocky.

Fix 1: Wait until the Update Process is completed

A blinking orange light may indicate that your router is updating its firmware. You should wait for the update to complete. You should wait around 15 minutes for the update installation to complete. You will then be able to get rid of the Xfinity Modem blinking orange issue.

Fix 2: Reboot your Modem or Router

To fix the Xfinity router/modem blinking orange problem, you can restart it. User reports indicate that this procedure can fix the problem and allow for restore operations. Simply unplug the router or modem from the outlet, and then plug it back in to start it up.

Check if the Xfinity router or modem blinks orange after it boots up. You can try the other solutions in this post.

Fix 3: Find out if your ISP has outages

You will see the Xfinity router/modem blinking orange issue if there is a server downtime. This is especially true when the modem/router’s light has been flashing for a long time. You can either check service outages using the xFi or Xfinity My Account applications – both can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can also check the company’s site to determine if any outages are occurring in your area. You will need to wait for the service to resume working again. If the service interruption lasts for longer than you expected, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

Fix 4: Verify that your PC meets the system requirements of the Router

After setting up your Xfinity router, if the router’s blinking orange does not cause an Internet problem, make sure that your computer meets minimum system requirements. If your computer doesn’t meet these requirements, the Xfinity router won’t function properly or efficiently. You will then experience slow speeds and weak signals.

Fix 5: Reset your Router

Resetting the router is the final solution to the Xfinity router blinking red issue. These steps will help you do it.

Step 1 : Turn off all devices and computers connected to your router.

Step 2 Unplug power cable from router.

Step 3 Wait 60 seconds before plugging back the power cord.

Step 4 : Check your router’s status light.

Alternativly, you can reinitialize your router using the Reset option.

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