Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) now gives users power bill grievances in writing. The main objective of setting up APDCL was to provide quality and efficient power distribution services to the people of Assam at an affordable price. The company has been successful in achieving this objective to a large extent. The move comes after the Assam State Electricity Regulatory Commission (ASERC) directed the distribution companies to respond to customer complaints within 30 days. The form will be available on the company’s website and at all Customer Care Centres. The company has undertaken various electrification projects in Assam. If you have a power bill grievance, you can now get a response in writing from APDCL.

Overview of an APDCL

It was informed by Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission (AERC) in a press release. The commission has also asked the distribution company to widely publicize this information through various channels, including print and electronic media, social media platforms, etc. The move comes after the AERC received several complaints from consumers regarding the non-redressal of their power bill grievances, such as high APDCL quick bill payment and many more. The commission has decided to ensure such complaints’ timely and effective redressal. APDCL will now have to provide a standard format for registering power bill grievances in writing to the consumers. The form will have to be made available at all customer care centers of APDCL as well as on its official website. Consumers can also submit their grievances online, such as high APDCL quick bill payment and many more, through the portal set up by AERC for this purpose.

APDCL Power Bill Grievances

If you’re an Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) customer, you can submit your power bill grievances in writing. The APDCL has recently launched a new initiative whereby customers can submit their complaints and queries about their power bills in writing instead of having to call the customer care helpline. It is a significant step forward for the company, as it will help to resolve customer issues more efficiently and effectively. To submit a grievance, you must fill out a form on the APDCL website. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a written reply from the company within 15 days. It is a great way to get your grievances resolved without having to wait on hold or deal with unhelpful customer service representatives. If you have any issues with your power bill, take advantage of this new service from APDCL.

Process for Filing a Grievance

The Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) has now started providing power bill grievances to users in writing. Previously, the complaint process regarding a high current light bill or any other complaint was made orally, often leading to confusion and misunderstandings. With the new system, users can write their grievances regarding a high current bill or any other complaint on paper and submit them to the APDCL office. The company will then look into the matter and take appropriate action.

Listed Below is the Process of Filling Grievances of Apdcl Users in Written Besides Online

  • The Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) has now started providing power bill grievances to users in written form. It is in addition to the existing online system where users can lodge their complaints.
  • Under the new system, customers can lodge their grievances about power bills online or through the written complaint forms available at all APDCL offices.

The new system would help improve customer satisfaction and reduce turnaround time for resolving complaints. Customers can then take advantage of the new system and lodge complaints without hesitation.

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The Assam Power Distribution Company Limited’s power bill grievances move comes in response to the increasing number of consumer complaints about the rising cost of power bills. With this new system in place, consumers can submit their grievances directly to the company in writing, and APDCL will take action accordingly.

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